Tribal Announcement

Citizen Participation Statement

This notice provides Tribal citizens, especially those living in areas where HUD Indian Community Development Block Grant assisted activities are proposed or ongoing, with adequate information concerning the amount of funds available for proposed community development and housing activities, the range of activities that may be assisted, and other important program requirements, and solicited their views and participation.

The Tribe has prepared an application for an $800,000 grant under the Imminent Threat set aside of the Community Development Block Grant Program for Indian Tribes to provide for safe first responder operations, COVID-19 preparedness, testing, training, workshops, and recovery through construction of an Emergency Operations Center to be located at Diamond Hill Road and Highway 76.

A copy of the application is available for review at the Tribal Office. Please contact Mark D. Webb, Tribal AOR, at 951-501-9198, with any questions or comments.

Dated May 7, 2020

To see the announcement in PDF please download here.

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