Request for Proposals for Design/Build of the La Jolla Emergency Operations Center

Proposals Due: August 23, 2021


The La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians is requesting competitive proposals from licensed architectural and construction firms for the development of design and construction documents, as well as the construction for the La Jolla Tribal Emergency Operations Center. Upon completion, the improvements will provide for a facility that meets the needs for housing Tribal Fire and Law Enforcement personnel, equipment, and supplies. Engineering will be required for the facility, parking improvements, road frontage, septic system installation, water storage and distribution. All elements of the design and construction process must meet Standard Terms and Conditions of the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians. Please email with a Proposal. Please contact Gary Murrey at 602-206-8518 or email with any questions.


The Design Professional Services and Contractor Team (together known as “Contractor”) in coordination with the Tribe, will guide the design and construction of the new La Jolla Tribal Emergency Operations Center. The project will include but is not limited to a single-story building between 7,000 and 9,000 square feet of building area, onsite parking, drainage, lighting, kitchen, landscaping, and street frontage improvements. The building will accommodate community rooms, 3 apparatus (emergency equipment and vehicles) bays, dormitory for up to 6 personnel, workout facilities, kitchen, police substation, and fire substation.

The Contractor will be required to integrate sustainable strategies and features into the design to minimize the energy consumption of the fire station. In addition, it is the Tribe'sintent to have a facilitydesign which conservesresources, minimizes adverseeffects to the environment, and improves occupant productivity, health, and comfort to reduce the total cost of ownership of the building over the life of the facility.

The selected Contractor will be required to coordinate with the Tribal Council, or their designees, on the project and frequent status meetings will be required throughout the project.

The Contractor will be required to develop conceptual designs for a facility that will accommodate Tribal Fire and Law Enforcement’s anticipated needs using industry standards, project experience, and input from Tribe and fire department staff. The Tribe is open to any type of building design.

In addition to preparation of construction documents, specifications, construction cost estimates, and timelines, the Contractor shall respond to all questions posed by prospective bidders during the construction bid process. The Contractor shall also prepare and distribute any necessary addenda, shall evaluate all bids and shall make a recommendation to the Tribal Council, or their designee, regarding who the architect believes has the best responsive and responsible bid, with supportive reasoning.

The Contractor will work with the Tribe to expedite building design and construction documents for permit approvals. The Contractor will also administer the construction contract and make periodic site visits during construction, as identified in the scope of work listed below An agreement between the Tribe and the selected Contractor will outline the full requirements and expectations of the project.

Detailed Scope of Work

The work to be performed by the Contractor will include all architectural, engineering and construction services required for the entire project. The scope of work will be in a cost reimbursement with an agreed maximum contract. The Contractor shall provide a detailed scope of work, budget, and implementation schedule in the proposal.

Project Design

 The Contractor will work with La Jolla staff (and other project partner representatives as needed) to develop a complete set of project design drawings and technical specifications.

Project Award

 The Contractor will work with La Jolla to ensure compliance with the federal requirements, including the suggested and required bid package documents and the development of the package for Tribal approval/processing prior to advertisement.

Construction Administration

 The Contractor shall provide administration of the contract for construction as set forth in AIA document A201-2017, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, current as of the date of the Contractor agreement.

The Contractor shall ensure that the final design for the project complies with all HUD grant requirements. Pursuant to this RFP, the “Services” shall consist of, and the successful Contractor shall provide, architectural planning engineering design, and construction services for the Project, including, but not limited to, the following:

Concept Plans, Renderings, and Presentation Documents

1. Develop a concept and circulation plan for the multi‐functional spaces comprising the La Jolla Emergency Operations Center

2. Develop schematic drawings of proposed layouts accurately depicting entryways, parking areas, facilities (including structures, bike racks, etc.) and landscape buffers, and submit to La Jolla staff and interested stakeholders for review and comment.

5. Submit files and schematics in electronic format (pdf, jpg).

7. Assist in the selection of a primary design.

8. Refine project costs, including line‐by‐line breakout of all fees, architectural and engineering costs, construction costs, FF&E, technology, and contingencies.

9. Prepare engineering drawings for all site improvements and update schedule and costs for each.

10. Fast track the project design for a project completion date of Jan 15. 2022.

Design Development

1. Obtain any permits required for the design of the project, without markups.

2. Prepare the final conceptual design, including a large format display board and electronic files.

3. Prepare the following documents:

a. Engineering Report, plans, schematics, sections and elevations, typical construction details, test‐fit plan, and specifications that identify major materials and systems.

4. Obtain plans of all adjacent utility facilities and identify and precisely locate all utilities.

5. Coordinate with La Jolla staff to determine locations and depths of facilities for design purposes.

6. Determine where interferences with existing facilities may occur as a result of the construction of this Project, and resolve any conflicts.

Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E)

1. Prepare Engineering Report (PER) consistent with applicable HUD guidelines.

2. Prepare construction drawings containing title sheet, general note sheet, plan sheets, typical cross section sheets, and detail sheets for the Project.

3. Plot typical cross sections to illustrate existing and proposed conditions.

4. Prepare complete project specifications, including special provisions and proposal forms.

5. Incorporate project specifications into construction contract documents provided by LA JOLLA, including a description for each bid item.

6. Submit 70% PS&E construction documents, including structural calculations, to La Jolla for review.

7. Address any comments generated from the 70% submittal.

8. Based on the input received from the previous submittal, complete the design and prepare final PS&E documents.

9. Submit 100% PS&E construction documents, including structural calculations, to La Jolla for review and to obtain preliminary approvals.

10. Submit final set of PS&E documents (printed and electronic formats) with the necessary details and instructions to carry out the work in accordance with the approved construction phasing.

Construction Documents and Plan Information

1. Ensure plans and specifications comply with all applicable governmental and professional standards.

2. Develop a schedule for construction of the Project.

3. Conduct all approved topographic and property surveys and combine with available topographic surveys to create base maps for the Project.

4. Conduct all approved geotechnical investigations necessary for the construction of the Project.

5. Attend the pre‐construction meeting and provide assistance during procurement and management of the construction phase of the Project.

Construction (in coordination with La Jolla’s owner’s rep)

1. Act as General Contractor and secure all equipment, sub-contractors and supplies needed to complete construction and completion of the project.

2. Provide traditional construction administration services, including monitoring subcontractor pay applications.

3. Provide weekly progress reports.

4. Coordinate with Tribal and all other contractors in conjunction with Owners Rep. and Staff.

5. Assist with preconstruction conferences.

6. Perform periodic site inspections.

7. Prepare change orders, as necessary.

8. Inspect construction materials.

9. Conduct construction tests and inspections.

10. Supervise all critical construction operations.

11. Coordinate with staff for La Jolla and interested stakeholders to provide full time inspections and reporting.