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Questions for Resiliency Infrastructure Improvements La Jolla Adventure Park RFP

1. At what milestones will cost estimates be required? Concept, Design Development, 70% PS&E construction documents and 100% PS&E construction documents? Each Milestone. 2. Construction schedules are supposed to be provided by the general contractor. Can this be removed from the consultant's scope of work? They are to be provided by contractor to owner and Architect. 3. Under the scope of work for "Design Development", it asks to provide any permits required for the design of the project but in the Preliminary Engineering Report, it is indicated several times that no state or county permits will be required. Please clarify which permits will be required. 4. Will there be a third-party reviewer for the construction documents? No permits are anticipated. 5. Will the emergency tower be occupied by personnel or is it unmanned and monitored remotely? It is intended to be occupied by personnel. 6. Will the owner be hiring a third-party testing company for special inspections and testing during construction or should the geotechnical engineer provide an estimate for these services? The latter. 7. Will the building's fire sprinkler system design be provided by a design/build subcontractor under the general contractor's scope of work? Yes 8. Since it is difficult to accurately estimate geotechnical inspection services during construction, should the geotechnical engineer's scope be limited to a preliminary investigation only? Please provide most accurate estimate. 9. Is it necessary to have a second well and storage tank at the emergency tower? How big will this tank be? Suggest providing deduct alternates for the well and tank including vacuum system, 10,000 gal tank. 10. If a water source is provided at the emergency tower, will be for a fire sprinkler system or for fire fighters to connect to? If sprinklered, will the system design be provided by a design/build subcontractor under the general contractor's scope of work? Fire fighters. 11. Is it acceptable to have the geotechnical engineer include testing to locate the well(s) in their scope of work? Yes, as above, suggest deduct alternates. 12. Please explain where the bridge will be located. The flatcar bridge will replace the culvert bridge 13. What are you anticipating for building construction costs? Our estimator is indicating $500+ per square foot. $325

1. Has a date been set for the Pre-submittal Teleconference? No, it will not be held 2. Under the project description on page 2, it indicates that the Adventure Park Lodge will be headquarters for Emergency Operations too . Is this s separate facility from the Emergency Operations Center being planned elsewhere or is it solely for the Tribal enterprises headquartered in this building? Excellent question...the EOC will replace the need to use the AP lodge. 3. Will the food services listed in the RFP be for staff use only (lunchroom with kitchenette) or will it serve visitors? Is it a simple snack bar with walk-up windows or a full-service sit-down restaurant? It is looking at this time to be full service restaurant 4. Regarding the project schedule requirement on page 4, what are you anticipating for a construction duration? What do you suggest? 5. Who will be the authority having jurisdiction over this project? County, State or Federal agency? The Tribe 6. Will this project be subject to CEQA environmental and storm water requirements or limited only to the federal environmental requirements as listed on page 26 of the EDA Contracting Provisions document? SWPPP will be required. This is NEPA, no CEQA 7. Is this project subject to EPA approval? No 8. Which jurisdiction's storm water Best Management Practices is the design team to follow - San Diego County or other? Tribal EPO 9. Will the owner be engaging an environmental consultant, or will this be part ofthe A&E scope? Work with Tribal EPO 10. Will the emergency tower be a pre-engineered structure? Please suggest best option - affordability important 11. Given that the name of the project implies some requirement for surviving a natural disaster (Resiliency), does this refer to a higher level of seismic structural design similar to what would be required for an essential emergency services facility (police, fire, hospital, etc.) or does it refer to a design which will survive future flood damage? The latter 12. Is Risk Category II (seismic importance factor 'le' = 1.00, wind importance factor 'lw' = 1.00) acceptable in the design of the main structural system? Wind and earthquakes are concerns and need to be addressed 13. Are there any specific seismic performance criteria or post-earthquake functionality requirements other than as defined in ASCE 7 for Risk Category II? As above 14. Will the water tank be a pre-engineered structure? Please suggest best option - affordability key 15. Landscaping will be important to mitigate erosion and storm water runoff. Trees can provide shade around the building and in the parking lot. Should a landscape architect be added to the consultant team? Excellent idea 16. Are as-built drawings available for existing utilities and the two buildings to be demolished? - Yes 17. Will FEMA have jurisdiction over this project? No 18. Is there a preference for the type of HVAC system? Please review options and suggest best. 19. Is a split system with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) acceptable if demonstrated to be the most energy efficient for the building? Need more info to answer this one 20. Will this facility require a back-up generator? Yes 21. If a back up generator is required, can it be fueled by propane rather than diesel? Yes 22. Will the utilities brought to the site (power, phone, internet) be provided by SDG&E, ATT, etc.? Yes Will the consultant only be responsible for providing a termination point for these utilities? Yes 23. Will the kitchen equipment and hot water boiler be propane fueled? Probably 24. Will the camera and other equipment on the emergency tower be owner provided? I believe so 25. Will the parking lot require lighting? Yes 26. Will the project be subject to CalGreen code requirements for energy efficiency, clean air, water use, etc.? It would help 27. Will electric vehicle charging be required in the parking lot? Please suggest it 28. The RFP indicates that the campground building will be demolished. Will the utility infrastructure for the campground remain in place and be unaffected by this RFP project? There is the potential of not demolishing the buildings. Utilities unaffected by RFP 29. Do the roads identified in the RFP need to be lighted? Probably not. 30. Will the emergency tower be operated off-grid using solar power with battery backup or generator to operate? Or does it need to be connected to the utility grid? Let's shoot for off grid 31. Is there interest in having the proposed building operate off-grid or be designed for net-zero energy use? That would be awesome

.A. COFFMAN ....ENGINEERS July 1, 2020 Mr. Mark D. Webb, MCP Economic Development Coordinator La Jolla Band of Luiselio Indians 22000 Highway 76 Pauma Valley, CA 92061 Project: Resiliency Infrastructure Improvements La Jolla Adventure Park GEi Proposal #20-02420 Subject: Request for Information (RFI) Questions Dear Mr. Webb: Coffman Engineers looks forward to proposing on this exciting project. As we have gone through the Request for Proposal (RFP), we have compiled the list of questions below to help us better understand the intent of certain aspects of the RFP. We would greatly appreciate it if you could review and respond to these RFI questions so that we can prepare a thorough proposal addressing all of your needs and concerns. 1. Please confirm that the Construction Manager is intended to be part of the proposal team and not an independent third party CM hired directly by the owner. CONFIRMED 2. The Preliminary Engineering Report notes that "there are no state or county permits". Is this confirming that no state or county permits will be needed or simply that none are in process? Who will be issuing the. NONE ARE ANTICIPATED. 3. The RFP makes reference in several locations to including items that would typically be provided by the General Contractor, such as the items listed under the Construction Costs section. Are these to be provided by the design team or the General Contractor?BOTH P41ease confirm that the statement "the consultanUowner shall work with an independent plan checking firm to ensure the accuracy of the plans" under the Construction Administration & Inspection section simply means that the plan checks will be performed by a third party reviewer and not the Owner, County, or any other governmental agency. CONFIRMED.. EDA WILL REVIEW AS WELL Please confirm that the Owner will be responsible for all third party plan checking costs CONFIRMED. 6. Item 7 under Construction Administration & Inspection appears to be more of a CM task. Please confirm this is intended for the CM scope of work, if applicable. CONFIRMED 7. Given the condensed 45 day periods for DD drawings and 100%/Final drawings, it is assumed that no outside City, County, State or Federal/Army Corps of Engineers permits will be required for any aspect of the project, other than approvals from the La Jolla Band of Luiselio Indians. Please confirm. CONFIRMED 8. Please confirm that the 82' bridge design is to be included with proposal and that the construction cost will be included in the general contractor's bid. BRIDGE IS FLAT CAR AND INSTALLATION WILL BE DESIGNED. YES, TO BE INCLUDED IN GC BID 1455 Frazee Road, Suite 600 I San Diego, CA 92108 Phone 619.232.4673

Mr. Webb La Jolla Band of Luisefio Indians July 1, 2020 Page 2 9. Is water tank design/construction to be included with proposal or will this be handled by the general contractor? PLEASE INCLUDE 10. Is the new water tank be for fire protection or domestic water supply? BOTH 11. Please confirm if the lookout tower design is to be included with proposal and that the construction cost will be included in the general contractor's bid. If the design is required with our proposal, can more details or schematic drawings be provided so that we know the extent of the necessary design? CONFIRMED AND YES 12. For the widened roads to the zip line and emergency tower, should it be assumed the areas of disturbance be revegetated with native plants and temporarily watered through establishment only? IN MOST CASES YES, THERE MAY NOT BE MUCH ROOM LEFT 13. Is permanent irrigation around the new adventure lodge desired?YES, AS A DESIGN 14. Are any exterior amenities/visitor activities desired that are not identified in the RFP? YES 15. Are any enhancements to the RV site anticipated beyond the installation of hose bibs?NOT YET 16. Should pedestrian access to the water park from the new adventure lodge be included as a part of this project?THERE IS NO WATER PARK AT THIS TIME 17. Will the project be designed to any LEED standards or seek LEED certification? PLEASE/DEDUCT 18. Will tree mitigation/replacement be required if trees are impacted by the new lodge, parking lot, and access road construction? YES AS DEDUCT ALT 19. Are any impacts to sensitive habitat anticipated? If so, will mitigation be requir ed?YES/TOAD 20. Will the fire sprinkler and fire alarm contractors be part of the design team or will they be selected after permitting? PLEASE BID FOR BOTH OPTIONS 21. Will fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspections needed as part of the construction administration services scope?YES 22. Per C7, it says "See attached Exhibit B: Project Budget" but there was no Exhibit B. Can you please provide the proposed project budget?ONLY AFTER SELECTION 23. What is expected for the consultant team fee breakdown? Do we simply need to provide a fixed fee amount for each task/phase of work or do we need to provide anticipated hours per task and associated billing rates?THE MORE DETAILED, THE BETTER 24. Please confirm the desired limits of utility mark outs. We assume only the area around the new lodge site will be needed.CONFIRMED 25. The sample contract, AIA A201-2017, is a construction contract typically used between Owners and General Contractors, not for design teams. Will the design component be contracted under an AIA B101 or similar Owner/Architect Agreement? PROBABLY 26. It states under CA scope section that the consultant will "provide administration of the contract for construction as set froth in the AIA A201". While the design team will provide construction services during construction, please confirm that the General Contractor will be administrating the construction, as covered in AIA A201. YES, GC MANAGE CONST. 27. Can you please provide the entire grant document so that we know project requirements, timing, and any other obligations contained in the document?NOT BEFORE SELECTION 28. Does an estimate of reimbursable expenses (mileage, reproduction, delivery/messenger services, etc.) need to be provided with the proposal?THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER 29. Please confirm what is meant by "arrow diagrams" in the Fees section SCHEDULING CPM. 30. Under the Selection Criteria section, it is noted that the contract "shall be awarded only after negotiations with the selected firm to establish a fair and reasonable price." What is meant by this? Is the fee provided in the proposal not binding? REFINING SCOPE

Mr. Webb

La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians

July 1, 2020

Page 3

31. How detailed of a construction schedule is desired? We can provide rough estimates, but a General Contractor will need to be engaged for an accurate, detailed schedule.ROUGH

32. How detailed of a construction cost estimate is desired? We can provide rough estimates,

but a General Contractor will need to be engaged for an accurate, detailed estimate. BEST POSSIBLE

33. Please confirm what is required/desired for the "preparation of bid abstracts and a bid comparison document.A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF SUBMITTED BIDS"

34. Please define what is intended for the "coordination to governmental and funding agencies" scope.THIS IS WHY THE STANDARD TERMS OF EDA CONTRACTS IS THERE

Thank you for your time and we look forward to proposing on this project. Please call me at 619-314-5587 or email me at if you have any questions. Sincerely,


Jon Arenz, PE

Senior Engineer, Civil Engineering

C: Ms. Sarah Johnson, Coffman Engineers

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