La Jolla Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still pick up medication at Indian Health Council?


Yes you can call the Indian Health Council at 760-749-1410 or utilize the IHC website-client portal located at

RX Alternative Delivery: IHC will allow outside delivery of medications to their facility.

Address: 50100 Golsh Rd. Valley Center, CA 92082

IHC FAQ can be found at: IHC FAQ


What enterprises are open?

All Enterprise are closed until further notice

  • The store in closed with only the PUMPS open.


What government services will the tribe provide?

  • Tribal Administration is now closed to the public, in the event of a need to pick up medication, please call the tribal administration number at 760-742-3771 

  • Transfer station will open under regular hours.

  • Fire Fighters/EMS - Please call 911.

  • Law Enforcement - 760-742-1516.

  • Trash.


Will mail be available at the Tribal hall?

You can ship your mail free of charge at the following Post Offices:

Pauma Valley Post Office

16160 Highway 76, Pauma Valley, CA 92061


Valley Center Post Office 

28588 Cole Grade Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082


How can i get assistance for my electric bill?


SDGE is helping out. CARE and FERA are two programs that can provide you with a monthly discount on your bill at the following link: SDGE website.

How do I share my household needs with the tribe?


Please fill out the household assessment survey online at


Will I be able to rely on the tribe for my current or unmet needs?


The tribe cares for your safety and your families safety. We are here to help provide the correct information to you and your family. We are recommending to you to have a personal 30 day plan for your household. Here is a great resource to create a 30 day plan :

When large populations become physically ill, there can be changes in local, state, and national operations. While it’s never helpful to panic, it can be advantageous to prepare (with limits). If some of these ideas are interesting to you, be thoughtful, methodical, and careful in your planning. While parts of this list might not be required at this time, if you live alone, a few of these ideas could save your life.

  • Store an additional 1-month supply of food, including lots of vegetables, dried or frozen meats, meat alternatives, canned goods, and pickled eggs. Consider canning and jarring your favorite vegetables so that you never run out of nutrient-rich food.


  • Consider storing 2 weeks’ worth of water, just in case something happens to your plumbing while you’re sick or in case there’s a temporary change in how local utilities function. 


  • In light of a possible power outage, have a collection of candles, flashlights, and batteries on hand.


  • Stock 1-2 months of nonprescription drugs and other healing supplies, including vitamins (especially vitamin C), soothing herbs and lotions, cotton swabs, rubbing/disinfectant alcohol, herbal pain relievers, essential oils, stomach remedies, and cold medicines.


  • Buy an advanced first aid kit.


  • Source your health records from hospitals, doctors, chiropractors, dentists, and other health professionals. If possible, keep them handy and in printable formats.


  • Have a backup plan for your video, streaming, and internet services. For example, you can have a Zoom account with a backup Skype account. Add a mobile hotspot to your phone line to remedy any temporary internet outages.


Where can I go to find updates on tribal services and their status?


Will I be required to pay for trash and water?


All payments for trash and water will be suspended until further notice.


Will I have to make my AMIHA housing payment?


AMIHA payments- Please read the letter at AMIHA’s website


Is AMIHA still accepting applications?


Application Information- AMIHA is accepting applications online and through mail. No drop offs will be accepted. 


Will the tribe help fund minutes for a cell phone?


Not at this time

Will the tribe provide septic pump services?


We will work with you on a case by case emergency basis.


Is the water system being monitored and maintained?




Who do I contact with my questions?

Contact your zone leader or check the resources tab at


Will the tribe be providing propane?

We have currently have worked with elders and disability members.

Will there be general membership meetings?

Not at this time. 

WHAT is the local red cross number?


Local Red Cross # 760-737-3840